About Us

Origin of Andeman

2022 year, we launched the Andeman brand.

Andeman is a comprehensive brand that provides safe and high-quality starting power, vacuum cleaners, automotive electronic products and other products for the majority of car drivers.

On the basis of the original Audew products, Andeman has upgraded the original products, launched a more efficient 199 jump starter, and enriched the product line by adding car repair and maintenance products. We hope that this brand can bring you a one-stop shopping experience for auto supplies and meet the needs of all users for auto supplies.

The birth of Andeman means more professional product design, more powerful product functions, higher quality and comprehensive Andeman is committed to providing customers with safe and high-quality automotive electronic products and auto repair cleaning tools to create a safe and comfortable driving environment.

Vision and mission

Andeman has successfully developed and launched jump starters, vacuum cleaners, snow brushes, power amplifiers, car audio speakers, diagnostic instruments, battery chargers and other products this year. In the future, we will continue to develop more products to bring a wonderful experience to every customer.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality auto tools and bringing safe and effective auto tool products to global auto users.

What did we do?

Based on this, we have developed a series of car electronics , such as car charger, car audio &monitor, as well as car repair tools, such as jump starter, code readers & scan tools, as well as car cleaning equipments, such as snow brush.

We would like to provide you with high-quality automotive tools, and make your driving more comfortable.

Contact Andeman

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Business Information
Company in Hong Kong: SUI CHENG LIMITED
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