HS1 EV Charger, Portable Bluetooth APP Control for Home Car

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Level 2 Electric Car Charger, 7.6kW 8X Faster Changing, 240V up to 32Amp Indoor/Outdoor, with APP Control Bluetooth WiFi 25Ft Cable, ETL Certified and NEMA Type 4.

Plug: US Plug

US Plug

Style: Smart APP Control

Smart APP Control
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Andeman Level 2 Portable EV Charger

8X Faster, Portable, and Smart-Electric Vehicle Charger with 25FT Cable Bluetooth WiFi Enabled ETL UL/Energy Star Indoor/Outdoor Use.

High-Speed Charging: 
This Level 2 charging station is compatible with all-electric vehicles, delivering up to 7.6kW at 32Amp. That's 8X faster than conventional charging, providing up to 37 miles of range per hour.

Portable and Easy: 
Installation is a breeze, making it perfect for road trips or as a backup power source at a friend's place, eliminating power worries.

ETL Certified and NEMA Type 4: 
Eligible for Federal Rebate Programs, this charger is built to withstand any weather, from snow to hail. It's designed for outdoor use, offering protection against fire, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature issues. It's not only efficient but also cost-effective.

Smart APP Control: 
Use the app to manage charging time, taking advantage of off-peak power rates to save on your electricity bill. You can adjust the charging rate from 8 to 32A, ensuring flexibility when power needs vary.

Updated Screen: 
Keep tabs on your charging with real-time parameter displays, and the energy-efficient LED light ring provides status updates and alerts for any anomalies.


Product Models: HS1
AC Nominal Input: 
Voltage: 120V(±10%)Requires itsown120V adapter&120V(±10%)
Frequency: 60Hz

AC Nominal Output
Voltage: 120V(±10%)& 240V(±10%)
Current: 16/13/10/8A(4gears adjustment)& 32/24/16/10A(4gears adjustment)
Power: 3.8KW(MAX)&7.6KW(MAX)

Feature Design
Indicator: 1 indicators
Display screen: 1.5inchOLED display
Material of enclosure: PC+ABS
Charging Outlet: SAE J 1772, (Type 1)

Operating Temperature: -30~+50°C
Storage Temperature: -40C~80C
Working Humidity: 5%~95%Without condensation
Working Altitude: <2000m

Protection Grade: NEMA Type 4(control box)
Application Site: Indoor/Outdoor
Cooling Method: Natural cooling

Security Protection
Multiple Protection: Over/Undervoltage protection/Overtemperature protection/Overcurrent protection/Grounding protection/Current leakage protection(CCID 20)
MTBF:100,000 hours
Overall dimension: 245*105*62mm(H*W*D)

List of Parts

EV Charger * 1pcs
Storage bag * 1pcs
Ac pile instruction manual * 1pcs
Wal-mounted fasteners * 1pcs
M 8* 60 expansion screw * 2pcs 
Plastic hook * 1pcs
M6x40 expansion screw * 3pcs



Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Decent electric/ hybrid car charger!

This level 2 charger comes with a way to hang the charger on the wall but can also easily moved and taken with you to anywhere that has a 220v outlet, including most camp sites.

It is also possible to schedule charges to ensure you dont overcharge and comes with a pretty handy carrying case.

It has a type 1 J1772 plug. It works with my hybrid Pacifica. It seems sturdy and well made. It has a really long cord. For instance, I have an outlet in my mud room that is for a dryer that we no longer use and I can plug it in there and it stretches into the garage.

I really appreciate the quality and the convenience of this charger to go in the back of my car for when we travel or every day back up. The price wasnt too painful, and its definitely worth it to have one!

Excellent charger for trips

I have a Tesla Model X and to use this I need a adapter which is easy to get. This is very sturdy and connects to any charging port that is 32 to 40 amp. With the Tesla charging cable I get 8 miles per hour with this charger I get 11 miles per hour. I have a 14-50 240 v outlet and it works well. I like the control on the phone and the lcd display on the charger.

I am using this as a spare in my Tesla for roadtrips.

James Murphy
Excellent portable EV charger

My wife and I recently picked up new EVs and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a charging station at home, at my office and at her office. I also thought it would be prudent to get some portable chargers to keep in the trunk. I have a hardwired ANDEMAN charger at home and it works great. That motivated me to pick up a portable one for my trunk.

This charger doesn't have as many of the cool features as the hardwired charger I have it home--not really a surprise at the price point--but it does the job I need it to do. It's well made, can stand up to the elements, has as a 25 foot cord and a LED display to let you know how the charging process is going and to report error codes. There's even an integrated smartphone app which isn't always offered with a portable charger at this price point.

Charging speed is about what you'd expect for this type of charger. It's obviously not going to charge as fast as a hardwired model but it'll get it done faster than most portable chargers. Definitely does the job for a portable charger to keep in the trunk with your spare tire. Recommended.

Toy Peterson
Works great

This is a nice EVSE with smartphone support. Without smartphone, you can directly control the charge current and start delay on the touch control on the front of the EVSE.
First of all, when it comes to EVSE, safety must come first. I'm glad to see that this unit is approved by UL and ETL so I have confidence that it will be safe. This unit has a max current of 32A which won't be be faster, but should be safe as most 14-50 outlets can support 40A. I believe its better to be safe than speedy so 32A would give it some safety margin so not to over stress your power lines. 32A is still fast enough to provide a full charge overnight.
I like that it has a LCD display on the unit that makes it easy to see the status, rather than guess what's happening based on some LED lights on some other units.
Back to smartphone support. The smartphone app is adequate, it let you see in realtime the voltage, ampreage levels and lets you turn on or off charging remotely and a full log of every charge session is stored and exportable if you wish. One thing I have not figure out is how to further program how you charge and when to charge based on time, charge level, etc. The app seems to have capability to do this, but I don't see much need for it as my electricity plan is not based on time of use, but I do appreciate the option that I can play with should I want to in the future.
Installing the android app was fairly straight forward. Linking the charger to the app was easier than what the manual says. The app was able to auto find the charger and linked automatically.
Overall, the unit seems solid. The cables are thicker than the free EVSE that came with my car, which was also rated for 32A, so I feed good that this EVSE has thicker cable which to me means they didn't skimp on the materials.
Overall, I would recommend this EVSE.

Level 2 charging cable, handy for charging with a 30 A outlet!

The ANDEMAN Level 2 EV Charger 32Amp,7.68KW Electric Vehicle Charger cable is only necessary if you have access to a level 2 charging port at home without its own cable or a 30Amp outlet at a campground or elsewhere. Public charging stations (level 2) all provide a charging cable. I plan to use this cable at the seasonal campground where I camp during the summer months. I also will use it to charge at my cousins home where she has a 30 amp outlet when I visit during the winter months. The cable has an APP but I dont think it is necessary to use it as my PHEV has its own APP to notify me when my car is charged. Great charging cable for a reasonable cost.

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