Epower-199 Car Jump Starter, 4000A Battery Up to 10L

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4000A 24000mAh Jump Starter Battery Pack with PD65W Quick Charge for up to 10L Diesel Engine or Any Gas Engine, Full Charge Time 1.5H

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US Plug
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Epower-199 Car Jump Starter, 24000mAh Portable Fast Charging

Epower-199 Car Jump Starter have high capacity 24000mAh with Dual USB connection, can fully charge your smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.


1. 4000A Powerful Car Starter:
The Andeman Epower-199 car starter is equipped with a maximum current of 4000A and a large capacity of 24000mAh to start 12V vehicles in seconds. The car starter battery is suitable for cars, trucks, snowmobiles, oil boats, yachts and more.
2. 24000mAh Portable Powerbank:
The high capacity 24000mAh car starter with Dual USB connection, can fully charge your smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.
3. 3 LED Flashlight Modes:
The car starter battery has powerful LED flashlight: there are 5 modes for LED lights (strong regular, regular, red strobe, strobe, SOS) that are a possible lifesaver while camping, picnicking, nature adventures and exploration.
4. High-Definition LED Display:
Clearly show realtime data including battery power, lighting mode, input and output status.
5. 8 Types of safety protections: 
The intelligent safety terminals of this car starter feature 8 advanced short circuit, reverse polarity, overcurrent, overload, lowvoltage, overvoltage, overload, overheat protection technologies.


Brand: Andeman
Model: Epower-199
Product Name: Capacitor Jump Starter
Internal Battery: Lithium Ion
Peak Current: 4000A
Battery Capacity: 24000mAh(74Wh)
Starting range: up to 10L Diesel Engine or Any Gas Engine
Wall Charger: 65W
Full Charge Time:1.5H
Output USB-C: USB-C PD65W
Output USB: Quick Charge(5V/9V/12V);5V/2.4A
Output DC: 15V/10A
Work Temperature: -4℉-140℉
Charging Temperature: 32℉-113℉
Storage Temperature: -4℉-122℉
Size: 230mm(L)x100mm(W)x42mm(T)

Package Included:

1 X Andeman Epower-199 Capacitor Jump Starter
1 X 12V Needle-Nose Battery Clamps
1 X Cigaretle lighter
1 X Adapter
1 X USB-Cable(IN/OUT)
1 X User Manual
1 X Accessories Bag

How to use:

1. Turn on the power.
2. Insert the starter cable into the unit.
3. Connect the clamps to the battery.
4. Start the car.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Keeps you running when it's cold

I have to park my car outside. In the winter, sometimes when I don't drive for a few days and it's cold my car doesn't like to start.

This keeps my car running and it's pretty simple. I'm at the point where when my car won't start I can just pop the hood and attach the clips and it takes me under a minute to get going.

I haven't had any real issues. Very straightforward to use and it gives my battery the extra juice it needs to start!

Very easy to use

This is jump started was so simple to operate, and I'm thrilled to have it. I travel 140 miles round trip to and from work. This device gives me some peace of mind in case I need to jump-start my battery or assist someone else in need. This device has ports for charging your phone and also includes a handy flashlight. This item was tested on a vehicle that would not start. Once connected, it immediately started up. I'm extremely impressed. Everyone needs the assurance that this backup is in their car. I have one in both my car and my wife's car. I would suggest this.

Great on demand power!

Used this at work to jump a large NPR box truck with a completely dead battery. Started right up with no hesitation. The light features and additional plug to cigarette lighter outlet is a real bonus as you can power items even when the jump starter is not needed.

Breanna Greene

This product is a lot nicer than I expected. It works well and has a good look.

Many jump starters out thee, this is all you need

The fact that it comes in a very nice case (I've had the ones without a case and although it sounds petty, it's aggravating to not have a case). I don't quite go by all of the supposed amperages on these units because I have seen identical units advertising different amperages on identical units. I personally used this one to start my boss's diesel in his Dodge 2500 and it started it with no problem at all. I like the type C input charging port and the type C output ports. ALSO, the female connector that plugs into it and allows for anything with a cigarette lighter type plug to go into is great to have. I've even plugged a small power inverter into it for about 18 minutes to charge my cordless drill battery and it did it with no problem. I highly recommend this sweet looking, hard working jump starter.

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Product Manual

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Jump Starter

Jump starter is a emergency appliance for car driving, it can easily start your car when it breaks down. In addition, it is a portable charger, LED steady flashlight, S.O.S illuminated distress signal and cigarette lighter, providing effective help for your emergency and daily life.

epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-emergency-m epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-emergency

Super Battery

1. Use lithium polymer battery with super capacitor technology, low internal resistance, high capacity and strong cycling ability.

2. Built-in 3.7V, 24000mAh high-capacity, high safety performance series battery pack to achieve high current discharge, can easily start 12V vehicles.

3. Super long standby, long lasting life, one charge can start the car up to 40 times.

Overload Protection

1. Eight-fold protection, advanced protection technology, safe and reliable.

2. Safe connection to any 12 volt car battery with spark technology and reverse polarity protection.

3. Short circuit, overcurrent, overload, low voltage, high voltage, overload and overheat protection to ensure your safe driving.


Dual USB Quick Charge

Dual USB outputs(5V/9V/12V;5V/2.4A) and Type-C output(PD65W) for fast charging.  


Cigarette Lighter Connection

Cigarette lighter power in-car appliances to get rid of annoying wires, such as the car vacuum, air pump, etc.

epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-car-truck epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-car
epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Applicable-temperature-M epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Applicable-temperature
epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-detail-m epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-detail
epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-led-m epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-led
epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Fast-charging-M epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Fast-charging
epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-waterproof-m epower-199-car-jump-starter-4000a-battery-waterproof
epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Boot-Procedure-M epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-Boot-Procedure
epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-certificate-M epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-certificate
epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-accessories-M epower-199-car-jump-starter-24000mah-accessories


Can the car lighter be used to charge the power bank?

No, a car cannot be used to charge the power bank. It comes with a port charger.

Will it work for a Honda Odyssey minivan?

This jump starter will work on any vehicle that has access to the 12 volt starting battery. It also can charge cell phones, tablets etc.

car-jump-starter-andeman-2 car-jump-starter-andeman-2
car-jump-starter-andeman car-jump-starter-andeman
car-jump-starter-andeman car-jump-starter-andeman