TR46 Dual Truck Ramps, 3ft 1500lbs Load Aluminum 2 Pcs

$99.99 USD

1500lbs Load-bearing The short aluminum ladder can help lawnmowers, snow blowers, ATVs, motorcycles go up and down the stairs to fit into sheds or garages. Easy Storage A short aluminum ladder,...

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1500lbs Load-bearing
The short aluminum ladder can help lawnmowers, snow blowers, ATVs, motorcycles go up and down the stairs to fit into sheds or garages.

Easy Storage
A short aluminum ladder, made of aluminum, is excellent in quality and light and very convenient for storage or carrying.

Strong Weld
Using the latest welding technology, the shed aluminum ramp is not easy to break, making the product durable.

Convenient & Practical
Specification: 36L” x 8W” The short ramp works for ATVs, Motorcycle, riding lawnmowers, and snow blowers.

Sold in Pairs
2 ramps in the package. Please feel free to contact Audew if there is any problem with the product.

Material: Aluminum
Size: 336L” x 8W” 
Weight: 7.5lb 

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Keith John
Great quality and price

Lightweight, Grippy, no assembly, great price. Tires dont have to bounce between rungs.

Big Steve W

Light weight, excellent welds, and easy to operate.

FYI, worth the read.

The questions on this review are skewed to the physical attributes listed and these are everything they say as far as light weight, sturdy, and value for the money so that's why in fairness to the company, I gave 5 stars to those attributes. My rating of two stars is for two reasons. I received these in what I consider poor condition as they were jammed together where the two ends fold together very tightly where I needed to pry them open. This happened with both ramps. The grip holes for traction work very well for gripping but my concern is that the metal is VERY sharp and if you aren't aware or you grab them in the wrong place, you will get cut from the sharp edges. Since they were jammed together from packing and shipping, I cut myself trying to dislodge them. I called this out to the seller since I'm not the only person that will use these normally and was concerned that someone could be easily hurt by getting cut from the sharp jagged holes and I asked to return them due to them seeming very unsafe in that regard only. The seller replied with asking me to take photos and send them in before they would consider a refund or replacement. I guess $100.00 would put them in financial hardship rather than make it easy for a stellar Amazon customer who rates many companies with 5 star reviews. First of all, it was difficult to catch a clear photo of the sharp edges because the photos don't capture them well enough to see it. The sharp edges are a TOUCH issue, where physically inspecting them is where the proof is. Therefore since I couldn't capture a quality photo to prove to this seller that these were very sharp and that there are no handles anywhere to easily grab them, I decided, since I am a very busy business owner, that I would just keep them and deal with them and just never purchase from this seller again. They did ZERO follow up with me having a safety concern as to why I had not submitted any photos or if I still sought a refund or replacement. If it was just because I didn't want them anymore or didn't like them, I would understand no follow up from the seller but this was based on safety and potential bodily harm and this seller, in my opinion, only cared about not processing a return, probably relieved that I didn't send them back and didn't pursue it further.As a business owner of three companies, I value client satisfaction and I go above and beyond to ensure it and sometimes at my own personal expense for those rare unreasonable people that just want a free ride. My businesses have all 5 star reviews and that's why we strive to take care of our clients and provide exceptional service. I don't feel that I got this from this seller. So to the seller, you got your money, whatever profit a $100.00 item might get you. So if $10-$50 profit was worth losing a great customer, hope you had a nice lunch or dinner with it. If you had just followed through with any concern for my end users safety, you wouldn't be getting called out here and your review would have been like my other ones. I have dealt with companies on Amazon that have stood by their products and made things right and those people got stellar reviews for their willingness to do the right thing. You could have been one of those.I've kept the ramps at this point and have learned how to carefully use them without getting cut. Hopefully I don't lose my grip or slip picking them up otherwise cuts are inevitable. The sturdiness and value for the money are good as well as lightweight. Just be careful if you get a set of these that are sharp. The manufacturer should weld some handles to the sides so there is a place to safely pick them up. I have a different set that has handles from a different brand and they are safe to pick up. The negative thing with those is that they are made of a heavy type of metal and harder to lift. That's why these seemed like a good buy. Had I known better though about the sharp edges I probably would have went to a different product with a better design.Sorry for the long review even though I have more I can say, I will leave it at this. Have a great day and stay safe.

G. Jacobs
Great for bringing heavy things

These are extremely lightweight for what they have it is easy for them to be installed onto your truck so that way you can roll up heavy things onThese are extremely lightweight for what they have it is easy for them to be installed onto your truck so that way you can roll up heavy things on a dolly. They dont take up too much space to store. Works great. I wish I bought this before buying appliances!

They like really light

I liked they strong

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