FC21 Foam Cannon III, Adjustable Heavy Nozzle 0.22gal

$35.99 USD

Description: Brass Foam Nozzle: MATCC Foam Cannon III uses a thicker and heavier brass core for durable use and leak-free when using. Heavy-duty foam core makes the foam dense and thick....

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Brass Foam Nozzle: MATCC Foam Cannon III uses a thicker and heavier brass core for durable use and leak-free when using. Heavy-duty foam core makes the foam dense and thick.
Wide Neck Design: 1. Pour soap liquid into the bottle easily, with no waste. 2. Extra-wide neck to prevent the neck from cracking. Easy to use, Professional choice for guys who love cars. 
Humanized Design: 1. With the filter on the end of the tube, filter particles in the soap or water, and never scratch car paint. The recessed area of the bottle for easy hold.  A rubber ring inside the cap for leak-free.
Multiple Use Foam Gun: Car, Motorcycle Washing, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing, and so on. Connect to the pressure washer gun or extension lance. With 1/4" quick connect fitting for easy operation. Adjustable spray nozzle to choose a suitable spray pattern. Water regulator knob to control water and foam.

Humanized Design:

A rubber ring inside the cap for leak-free
The recessed area of the bottle for easy to hold
Filter on the end of the tube, never scratch car paint

Some Tips for Use:

Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap -- Help your solution mix together.
Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. Can be adjusted to spray in a decent fan pattern.
Adjust the knob on the top to control the water mix-in. The Minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), and the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced).
Need a pressure washer to connect, and this is a 1/4" Quick Connector.
Wash the Foam Nozzle after using Clean Water. Avoid the filter blocked by soap leftover.

This is the buying guide from MATCC officials:

We received lots of messages about: What are the differences between Foam Cannon I, II, III for pressure washers?
In a word, III is the latest version with the best quality. (See more info below)

Detailed specification differences:

#. III is the latest version. The newer version, the better foam core. Thus, II and III offer more dense and thick foam. That's the key to upgrading.
#. Comparing II and I, II has a filter. With the filter on the end of the tube, filter particles in the soap or water, and never scratch car paint.
#. Comparing III and II, III has a Wide Neck Design, to pour soap liquid easily and to prevent the neck from cracking. What's more, III is equipped with a filter also. 
Besides, a rubber ring inside the cap for leak-free, and a recessed area of the bottle for easy holding. 
#. I & II accept max pressure of 200BAR(3000PSI), while III accepts 220BAR(3200PSI). Requires pressure for I is over 70BAR(1000PSI), and for II and III is over 100BAR(1450PSI). 
Simply choose the one that fits your pressure washer.
#. In the US, most people use 1/4" Quick Connector, which fits all versions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Incredibly thick

Im using a 3,200 psi power washer and it kicks out the most amazing thick foam. So easy.

Great buy easy to use..

Well it did what it said it would. I used meguiars deep crystal car wash. It foamed up used a little more soap then I expected but being first time user it did a great job. Easy use and I also bought the gun attachment which I think helped as well. Cut time in washing my truck nearly in half. Used a 3200 psi pressure washer kept a descent distance but the water pressure dissipates the father away you are.

Diana Martinez
pour soap first then fill the rest slowly with warm water

Works great, i liked the foam from chemical guys honey dew makes the best foam

WAYYY better than the Chemical Guys Torq Cannon

Bought this to replace my 2 year old Chemical Guys Torq cannon that failed after just one year of use. No amount of cleaning or tinkering would fix it and there was no warranty on anything they sell. I got zero technical support from their "customer service" either. Well this beast arrived to my door today and I gotta say it is a hundred times more solid. The bottle is thicker, the neck is wider so no more struggling to get soap in the bottle. The neck is thicker so no more melting and cracking threads. The brass head is larger, thicker, and heavier than CG. The plastic nozzle is rock solid and also much larger and thicker. The whole build is like a tank and side by side the weight is oddly almost the same between the two yet still has a noticeable stronger quality. I filled it up for its first use and was blown away by how well it performs. My Chemical Guys cannon just threw soapy water (issue with air/soap mixer that was never resolved) and even when new it threw foam, but I'd say average at best. This cannon however, let me tell you, is throwing straight up shaving cream onto my car. 3 times better results for 3 times cheaper. I'll never buy another brand of foam cannon ever again, and with this build quality I'd be surprised if I ever need to buy another MATCC cannon ever again either.

Quality Foamer, perfect for carwash.

?I got this to wash my own vehicle and this foamer makes it super easy. I really like the quality of the bottle and the foamer. It works as intended, this is a good deal.pros: It is really good quality, i was glad to find out bottle is not cheap and seems well built, this baby will be able to handle a few accidental drops.The foamer part makes good foam, this may seem redundant to touch on but lets admit somethings just don't work as advertised and i am glad this one worked pretty well.Had a good, easy, smooth and even application as I was washing car. It was so easy my kiddo wanted to foam and rinse the car too.cons: It's not of the bottle or hardware of this foamer, but you should really consider getting a shorter spray wand. Essentially another part you would need.Hope this helps and good luck.

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