FC18 Foam Cannon II, Adjustable Sprayer 5 Spray Nozzles

$45.99 USD

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon Sprayer Set Adjustable Foam Cannon Sprayer Set w/ Snow Foam Lance w/5 Spray Nozzles w/ 3/8" M22 Quick Connectors for Power Pressure Washer brass foam core fitting...

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MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon Sprayer Set

Adjustable Foam Cannon Sprayer Set w/ Snow Foam Lance w/5 Spray Nozzles w/ 3/8" M22 Quick Connectors for Power Pressure Washer

brass foam core fitting

MATCC Foam Cannon makes great dense foam for washing your vehicles or equipment. Note: You need a pressure washer to connect.
With 1/4" Quick Connector, please check your machine before purchase, some garden hose doesn't fit.
Requires pressure washer have 2.0GPM & Over 1000 PSI Pressure for use.
The spray foam cannon can be used for cars, Motorcycles Washing, floors, Windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing, and so on.


Interface: G1 / 4 "F
Requires pressure: 70BAR - 1000PSI
Maximum pressure: 200BAR - 3000PSI
Requires Flow: 2.0Gpm
Maximum flow: 5.3Gpm
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel and Brass
Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉
Size:10.63”x 3.15” (27x8cm)

car wash pressure washer gun

Some Tips for Use:
Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap -- Help your solution mix together.
Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. Can be adjusted to spray in a decent fan pattern.
Adjust the knob on the top to control the water mix-in. The Minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), and the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced).


Make sure the nozzles are fastened to the gun handle tightly, or it will leak.
Wash the foam nozzle with clean water after use. Avoid the filter being blocked by soap leftover.

Customer Reviews

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Definitely recommended

This thing works great. I did not even know this was a thing until I stumbled across it looking for a part for my power washer. I've been using it a ton on cars and other things bought some foaming car wash for about $6 at the store, takes about 10 minutes you spray the car down then wipe it down and rinse much quicker than my previous way of doing it. Even just the handle itself would have been worth the price I've been using it on just about everything from floor mats to the siding on my house. 100% would recommend

Next time put in a box

I am only giving this product four stars because its a Fathers Day gift. You guys delivered it unpackaged. ????

Y. Huang
Makes Washing a Breeze!

First time washing my car at home with a pressure washer, so glad to have spent the money on this! It has attachments for rinsing, which I went through the car with it first. Then I foamed the entire car. It stayed foamy long enough for me to rub all the panels with a microfiber cloth to make sure all the dirt comes off. Rinse off then I'm done! I just used the cheap pink bottle $6 for 64oz car wash soap that you can buy at auto parts shops. Looks like the instructions on Amazon said to mix the soap with warm water, but I put pure soap in the bottle. I only filled around 1/15th of the bottle with soap and that was enough for my car. Uses a little more soap than the bucket method but makes washing the car a lot quicker!

Nice Foam and Pressure Gun.

I used it first time as I never used any Foam gun. Ii like it as it's work like a magic and pressure water gun is also good and easy to use. In starting I gave some problem to install because of connector. Lateron it got fixed.

Great product exact to use made that thick foam

Great product easy to connect has all the pieces to connect to the pressure washer or to straight to the hose

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