WS1 EV Charger, Wall Mount APP Control RFID for Home Car

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Level 2 Electric Car Charger, 12KW 9X Faster Changing, 240V up to 50Amp Indoor/Outdoor, with APP Control Bluetooth WiFi FRID Function 25Ft Cable, ETL Certified and NEMA Type 4.

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Style: Smart APP Control

Smart APP Control
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Andeman EV Charger - Level 2, 12KW, Lightning-Fast Charging

9X Faster Changering 240V up to 50Amp Indoor/Outdoor Electric Car Charger ETL UL/Energy Star Bluetooth WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle Charger with 25Ft Cable.

High-Speed Charging: 
Our Level 2 charger is universally compatible with electric vehicles, delivering a swift 12KW at 50A, a blazing 9 times faster than standard outlets. That's up to 37 miles of range added per hour. The included 25-foot robust cable ensures easy use and consistent charging times.

ETL Certified and NEMA Type 4: 
This charger qualifies for Federal Rebate Programs and stands up to all weather, from snow to hail. Whether you install it outdoors or in your garage, it operates efficiently. With fire, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection, this Level 2 charger not only performs better but also ensures long-term savings.

Smart APP Control: 
Take control of your charging schedule through the app, optimizing power usage during off-peak hours to save on your electricity bills. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet support, it offers versatile connectivity. You can adjust the charging rate from 16A to 50A, giving you the flexibility to match your power needs.

Safe and Convenient: 
We provide two RFID cards to deter unauthorized use. Swipe a card for instant charging when the app isn't your preference.

Updated Screen: 
Monitor charging in real-time with a large parameter display. Our energy-efficient LED light ring keeps you informed of the charging status and alerts you to any anomalies.

Customer Reviews

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Works is advertised

Electrician came set up system and work straight with my new EV. Charging cable is long so I have no issue in my garage getting a to my EV

Hardwired kit.

I utilize this for my Tesla Model 3 that accompanied the Charging Connector. You will require the connector to connect it to a Tesla so know about that and you ought to be fine. Setting up the electrical framework to run straightforwardly from the circuit enclose is basic enough hypothesis, however the wires and space to get the wires in is tight so know that you will probably battle a little and it will require an investment to move and make the fitting cuts. Charging clock proceeding to pursue even charge has been suspended. Best way to stop clock is to physically stop the charge on the application (despite the fact that the charge has come by my EV at a preset battery rate level). Fail to see the reason why the clock keeps on running while charging has been suspended. Two methods for review the beginning and stop times for a charging meeting are to arrangement warnings to caution you by means of the application when those events occur or take a gander at the charging meeting chart and contact the diagram toward the beginning and stop times to perceive what amount of time the charging meeting required. Not thoroughly examined. The establishment smooth straight forward. I utilized the 6 measure links. What's more, adhering to the guidelines accompanied bundle. The faceplate needs plastic employ device or plastic Mastercard to spring up it in the wake of loosing two screws. Effectively multiple times quicker charge than a L1 charger. Simple to utilize and the telephone warnings are incredible. I like having the option to stop the charge from a distance if somebody somehow managed to attempt to utilize it while I'm out.

Great Charger!

This is a great level II charger for your EV.

We have both a Tesla and a BMW i3. This works well for both. Of course, we DO need an adapter for the Tesla (which the car came with).

The manufacturer claims a 50a charge rate, and I get 48.5a. Pretty good.

Installation is not difficult, as long as you are well versed in electrical work. The instructions that come with it are pretty basic, and don't even mention wire or breaker sizes required. Of course, a lot of this will vary depending on your particular installation. If you don't know how to figure out what size wire and breaker you need, I'd leave installation to a pro.

The charger is controlled by either the app, or a RFID card. The app is nice- Interestingly enough I already had it downloaded for another device that I am using (a fish tank light of all things!). It was super easy to set up. You DO have to create an account, which means giving your email address.

Brandi Cambric
Great product

Of all the units this one has to be the best, love the part where i can keep track of the status on my phone, I've gotten several of these units to test them out, so far they all stand up to the outdoor elements, and charges with no issues. I will report back if anything changes but so far so good. Checking the retail market on the pricing Amazon has the best pricing by far on these units. If anything changes i will let you know.

James Murphy
Solid EV charger for a home charging station

Surprisingly good EV charger for the price point. It offers many of the same features found in higher priced systems as well as very good performance. Unless you're conversant with doing electrical work I'd suggest hiring a professional. I installed it myself, though I've done quite a few projects like this.

The good news about a professionally installed charging station is that it'll juice up your vehicle a lot faster than a basic wall outlet. The device has a 25 foot cable, which is a minimum benchmark for a quality EV charger. It also has the protection systems you need (eg: overvoltage, over current, etc) and is built to handle bad weather year round. It has a full featured app that gives you a lot of information about the charger's performance as well as remote management. There's even two RFID cards for extra security. The integrated screen is very nice and gives you real time information about charging progress.

One of the better EV chargers I've seen at this price point. Highly recommended!

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EV Charger

Install an EV Charger at home for convenience and cost savings. With an EV Charger, you can power up your electric vehicle overnight, ensuring a full battery every morning. No more trips to the charging station, and you can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, reducing your energy costs. It's the key to seamless, eco-friendly driving right from your doorstep.

Fast Charging

1. Get 9X faster charging with a 50A/Max12kw output – adding 37 miles per hour, making it ultra-efficient and time-saving.

2. With a 25ft extra-long cable, reach various charging ports hassle-free. Ideal for different garages and parking, ensuring worry-free convenience.

3. Our Smart APP offers remote control, timing, current adjustment, and detailed charging stats for intelligent, anytime, and anywhere control.

4. Effortless storage with the integrated cable gun head bracket, saving aisle space with its 45° downward inclination.

5. ETL and Energy Star certifications ensure durability and reduce electrical hazards, doubling the safety and reliability of the machine.


Model: WS1
Input Voltage: 240V~±10% (60Hz)
Output Voltage: 240V~±10% (60Hz)
Power Output: 12KW
Max Output Current: 50A
Protection Class: NEMA Type 4
Protection Functions: Over/under voltage, overcurrent, current leakage (CCID 20), grounding detection, emergency stop
Indicator Lights: Standby (blue), Charging (green blinking), Alarm (red)
Status Display: 4.3-inch screen
Charging Modes: Swipe card, APP, Appointment
Charging Interface: SAE J 1772
Case Material: PC+ABS
Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (no condensation)
Dimensions: 333*213*92mm (H*W*D)

ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-app-m ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-app
ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-car ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-car
ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-snow_ ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-snow
ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-convenient ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-convenient
ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-25fit
ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-pack ws1-wall-charger-electric-vehicle-pack


What certifications do chargers have?

We have ETL Listed, UL 2594:2022 Ed.3 and CSA C22.2#280:2022 Ed.3 Standards.

Which cars does the charger fit?

Almost 99% of SAE J1772 standard pure electric and hybrid vehicles in the United States (Note: Tesla models need to purchase J1772to Telas Adapter separately).

Is the installation service free or is there a charge?

You must install it yourself or get someone to install it. There is a cost to have an electrician install it.

The charger charges intermittently, what could be happening and what should I do?

Make sure that the load on the connecting cable is not too large, that the circuit breaker is 50A or 60A, and that there are no other high-power electrical appliances being used on the overall household circuit that exceed the load.

What size wire is recommended?

Using #6 wire and a 60amp double pole breaker, I use Category 6 Ethernet cable.