HS-32N EV Charger, Portable 32A Electric 7.68KW 14-50 Plug

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Enjoy 9X faster charging, adjustable current, and a 21ft extra-long cable, including overheat protection, waterproof IP66, and delayed charging. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, with a portable and compact design!

Plug: US Plug

US Plug

Special Feature: ‎Fast Charging

‎Fast Charging
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SAE J1772 Car Charger Low-temperature Protection

Equipped with an SAE J1772 plug which is suitable for most of the car models in the market (Tesla needs to be equipped with another plug converter), a level 2 EV charger with adjustable current function, the extra-long 21 FT charging cable is perfect for charging outdoors or indoors, provides overheat protection, waterproof rating IP66.

About this item

Made of high-quality materials; robust and durable; Charges up to 9X faster than a 8A Level 2 EV charger for fast charging. Charges up to 7.68kW 32A and travels up to 29 miles in one hour. (The actual working current depends on your vehicle settings).

Level 2 EV charger with adjustable current function, can be adjusted between 8-32 amps of current to choose the appropriate voltage for charging according to your power usage to avoid power outages or short circuits; Meanwhile, this EV charger Level 2 also has a delayed charging function, you can avoid the peak charging section and choose the low peak charging section, which helps to reduce charging costs and optimize charging efficiency.

Equipped with an SAE J1772 plug which is suitable for most of the car models in the market (Tesla needs to be equipped with another plug converter); the extra-long 21 FT charging cable is perfect for charging outdoors or indoors, you don't need to worry about charging due to the insufficient length of the power cord when you are using it. It is both an electric vehicle charger station and a mobile EV charger.

The Level 2 charging station is TEL and ENERGY STAR certified; rugged and pressure resistant, providing overheating protection; high-temperature resistance; rain, snow, and low-temperature protection, and waterproof IP66. The car charging post can be used in wet or dry conditions without fear; Ultra-low energy LED ring alerts to charging status and abnormal conditions.

A portable EV charger is compact and easy to install and use, you only need a small package to perfectly store and use it, and get rid of the problem of insufficient power in the car when you go out. It will be your best choice for traveling.


Model: HS-32N
Special Feature: Fast Charging
Mounting Type: Portable
Amperage: 32A
Charging Cable Length: 21ft
Input Voltage: 240 Volts
Dimensions: 14.17'' x 14.17'' x 7.08'' inches
Item Weight: 33.1 pounds
Material: Plastic
Package Included: 1x level 2 EV charger


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works great, good screen

Plugs right in and draws 28A off a 32A circuit, which is the max for a Level 1. Charges me from 60-65 to 80% overnight. Charges much faster than the much more expensive OEM level 1 charger. The plug and charger seem high quality, they are waterproof as claimed as I am currently charging overnight in the snow. The display is bright and informative, showing input voltage, output amps, time charging, and a few other things. So far this works great and seems an excellent value!

Alex M
Works great!

The charger gives a lot of information right on its small display. So far seems to be quite durably built. Straight forward, and comes with a cap to keep the water out of the end of mounted outdoors (like mine).

adaptable with a great length cord

This has transformed my EV experience. It converts my home-covered parking space to a place where my charge builds steadily for daily commute and personal use. I can use it at my family's home without being inside the garage.

Awesome EV Charger

I got this charger for my garage to charge my new car (which is AWESOME btw!) Installation was a breeze (thanks to my electrician friend) and it works perfectly. I honestly don't know if it has any advanced "smart features" but honestly, I couldn't care less about that. I plug it in, and it fully charges my car battery from dead to 100% in 2 hours instead of 12 hours.

Mike Dowgwillo
Superior to stock Audi charger

I have an Audi A3 eTron with a plug at home and a plug at work. The stock charger that came with the car stopped working. When it was working, it took 7-8 hours to fully charge. This unit charges the battery fully in 2-3 hours. And the cord is much longer; I have more options to park in the driveway other than as close to the garage as possible.

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