WS-40S EV Charger, Wall-mounted 40A Electric App Control

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Enjoy 8X faster charging, waterproof IP66 protection, and intelligent APP control. Convenient features include cable storage, RFID card operation, and a 24ft long cable. Perfect for home or on-the-go charging!

Plug: US Plug

US Plug

Style: Smart APP Control

Smart APP Control
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Vehicle Charger Efficient Charging Waterproof

8X charge faster, you can travel up to 30 miles per hour of charging. It can withstand stress and harsh conditions, offering protection from overheating, high temperature, rain, snow, and low temperature, and is waterproof to IP66.

About this item

The EV charger level 2 has ETL and ENERGY STAR certification to ensure its reliability and safety. It can withstand stress and harsh conditions, offering protection from overheating, high temperature, rain, snow, and low temperature, and is waterproof to IP66.EV car charger level 2 can be used in wet and dry environments, so you don't have to worry about anything.

The level 2 EV charger 40 Amp is equipped with an intelligent APP, which can realize remote control, set timing, current adjustment, charging time management, charging statistics, and other operations, there are also 3 kinds of networking methods, which greatly improve the convenience and intelligence of the charging experience.

8X charge faster, speed is never a problem. You can travel up to 30 miles per hour of charging. ANDEMAN Level 2 EV Charger allows you not to waste time waiting for your electric car to be fully charged on slower chargers, greatly saving travel time.

The cable gun head integrated storage bracket makes the electric car charger easier to store and saves aisle space. With an RFID card, you can realize the convenient operation of one card to start or stop charging. ANDEMAN portable electric car charger greatly improves the convenience of the charging process.

EV level 2 charger has a 24ft long cable, which can be used in various charging scenarios to meet your charging needs easily, electric car charger level 2 gives you more flexibility and freedom of operation.


Model: WS-40S
Special Feature: Fast Charging
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Charging Cable Length: 24ft
Amperage: 40A
Input Voltage: 240 Volts
Dimensions: 21'' x 17'' x 9'' inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds
Package Included: 1x Level 2 EV Charger Home


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
John Duncan
Just works great

Simple installation, simple operation. I love that when I said the charge level it remains at that charge level. Prevents me from making a mistake and overtaxing a circuit. This may not be meaningful to many, but to me having the heavier gauge wire was, super important to limit voltage drop.

nicholas zarelli
The perfect level 2 charger for my car.

Trouble-free installation and high-quality product. Works well to charge my car, cutting the charge time from 11 to 4 hours maximum. My electrician installed a 50 amp circuit and a receptacle on the garage wall, and I set it to charge automatically once the plug was inserted into the car. I don't use the schedule program built in since my Prius does that itself. Highly recommended.

Very High Quality Charger

This charger is made with very high-quality thick cable. It lets you control the rate of charge in 5 increments from 10 to 40 amps. Been using it now for 3 months at least once per day with no issues.

Albert H.
Heavy Duty

Perfect for my KIA Niro. The cord is 3/4" in diameter - very "beefy"- and long enough to reach both bays in my 2-car garage. Comes with a mounting box to mount the control unit to the wall, as well as a mount for the plug end when not connected to the car. Simple controls and great instructions. I mounted the plug port so that when not in use, the cord is parallel to the garage wall rather than perpendicular.

bill dunlap
Works as advertised

I needed a solution to convert a 40A, 240v dryer plug to charge my EV from home. Works as advertised, plug, set amperage, and charge. Sturdy and generous cable length. Saved me a lot of construction to get a 40A connection in the house.

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